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We have the opportunity to order one more round of NASSIR2 T shirts.

The orders have to be in by next Monday, Sept 28, because the company has a silk screen tied up with our logos.

The best we can find on shipping is $5 per shirt, in the US.

Here are prices. Add $5 per shirt shipping.

Gold short sleeve T - small thru large - $10, xx and xxx $11

Gold long sleeve T - small thru xl - $12, xx and xl - $14

Ladies - short sleeve, blue, s,m,l- $13

Ladies - long sleeve, gray, s,m.l - $15

Mail the money to me @

Wilton Stribling

3909 Mt Hayden Drive

Montrose, CO 81403

I've been busy playing with my friends for the past couple of weeks, and I know this is short notice. PM me with your orders, and I'll cover the costs til I receive your payment, then I'll ship the shirts.

I've attached pics of the gold shirt, also the ladies ss in blue.


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