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Latest Hotel and Camping Information

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Our primary hotel will be:

Best Western - Little River Inn
203 Queensway West
Simcoe, Ontario

For reservation contact Debbie

Room Prices:

Single Queen $99.00
Double Queen $109.00
Business Room $127.00
Suite $150.00

Make sure you refer to NASSIR Goldwing Rally

These rates are in effect from July 14th to 20th

Campground Information

Our campground will be:

Norfolk Conservation Area

You can not book until after April 30th. All info for the campground is on their website.

I am not sure of the rates, but they are in the neighborhood of $35.00 per night. We can put 2 tents on a site, and we are still waiting for a reply to a request we made for reduced rates. (I'm not very hopefull).

I ask that everyone who is booking or has booked a hotel room or a campsite please PM me so I can put together an attendance list.

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Did they ding you with the 13% HST (Hated sales tax) as well or was that included? Up here we get so used to everything being taxed that we become numb to them.

Where do you think our "Free" health care comes from?
The HST tax is listed but Included in the price per night.
The only time I recall seeing reservation surcharges are at government campgrounds.
Norfolk is a government campground. Ergo, the surcharges. Rip off central.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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