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Leaking fuel

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I have a 1980 gl 1100 and rebuilt the carbs with a lot of help from people here. All was good about a year and now I have a leak around one of the connecting tunes between the carb pairs. What is the best way to re seal them and stop the leak?
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There is no way other than replace those o-rings. I'm guessing your "rebuild" didn't include those.
Nope it sure didn't. Would have loved it if I did say something in my manual but no! I just bought a detailed just carb rebuild book off Randacks web site just specifically on the carbs sohopefully it's better. Could have done this when I pulled em out before. Where is the best option get some? Thanks... the o rings
The kits from Randakks come with all the o-rings. You can get them from Honda but you have to buy 4 kits and they don't come with everything needed.
So you can't really find them seperatly?
You might go to a parts house and see if you can match some up.
Yeah that's what I was thinking. I do believe I know of a place that specializes in seals , o rings metric stuff and standard
There is always McMaster Carr.
I think I have a place near me to get those rings. They specialize in this stuff. It's called Christopher seals.
I'll double check the name but I looked it up earlier and this is what they do so I'll let you know
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