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Yes, I know LED HL bulbs in factory housings have by and large been successful only at relieving people of their hard earned cash, due to manufacturer's wildly dishonest claims.

Times have changed. I followed the lead of another bike owner and installed a pair of Beamtech H7 LED bulbs in my Kawasaki Versys 1000, and the results are spectacular. The Versys headlight housings are designed with form possibly being more important than function (?) but even so the LEDs are remarkable and take less than half the watts. These are much more visible to oncoming daytime traffic, and despite the additional illumination do not attract high beam "flashes" from oncoming nighttime traffic (if aimed properly). Pretty doggone cool!

If you get the right brand (and design) I'm sure the 'Wings both 1500 and 1800 could benefit nicely from the change as well. The bulbs I have were less than $40 per pair on Amazon.

Just an FYI to y'all
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