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LED light strips

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At the last Treffin in Gorey, Steve bought some LED light strips, but has no idea where to mount them for the greatest effect.

He bought four of them, in red. They are about a foot long. His 'Wing is a wineberry 1500.

Any suggestions............please!!!!

This is what he bought:-
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Refer to PJ. I know he's good for that.
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Well, I got those LED's fitted today.
I put one either sideunder that U shaped section that fits beneath the top-box, so that they reflect onto the tops of the saddlebags.
The other two I put on the bottom of the side panels so they reflect off the shiney aluminium by the passenger boards.
I just hope Steve likes them. He leftthem to me to fit while he's sunning himself in Tenerife!!!:cool:

While I was working, somehow I blew a fuse.
I got everything wired up, switched on to testit all,and everything worked ............... except ALL of the stock lights!!!:shock:

I had brake lights.
I had all the aftermarket spots.
I had the lower fogs.
I had indicators.
I had ignition.

What I didn't have was headlight (high or low beam).
What I didn't have was tail lights.
What I didn't have was a number plate light.

On checking the fuse box, I discovered that the tail light fuse (15amp) had blown.
Now then. Here's a question.
Why, if the tail light fuse blows, does the headlight go out as well?:baffled:
The headlight has it's own fuse, and when the tail lights fuse was replaced, all the 'missing' lights worked again.:doh:

Does this mean that all the lights I mentioned are controlled by one 15amp fuse?:?:?

Have any other GL1500 owners discovered this little anomaly? :baffled:
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i installed a set of those on a semi they are not very bright for a street glow effect they may do good bouncing off the chrome and stuff it may glow alittle but they may be a better brand than the ones i installed
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