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First of all these bikes don't have generators. They all have ALTERNATORS. Your next insinuation of the alternator running flat out at 100% all the time is also incorrect as the voltage and current vary with the rotating speed of the rotor. Thus the need for a regulator which is built in along with the rectifier. (I hope you are aware of the difference between a generator and alternator. It will help explaining why there is a rectifier.) As far as replacement stators for the four cylinder Goldwings, they aren't the only vehicles that had some trouble with manufacturers quality control. My 1999 Gl1500 had a bad alternator which was replace by a Compufire unit after six years of service. To this day it is still going strong. You are correct about electronics not functioning well with excessive heat. However I'm fairly certain that Honda's engineers have taken that into account when they design their products and they should be robust enough to dissipate any unwanted heat.
I would be interested to hear your thoughts as to your home wiring and why your place of residence has not gone up in flames based on your logic about electricity. Unless, of course, you either have all your electrical devices plugged in and running 100% of the time or you live in a cave.
We are discussing a 4 cyl wing which does have an AC generator, not an alternator (which is and internally rectified ac generator). And it does produce 100% {RMP dependent} and is regulated by an external shunt regulator/rectifier. Do your research before chiming in on something you know nothing about.
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