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Lighting of the Controls on 2007 GL1800

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Need some help! I never ride at night for safety reasons but recently had to. I have a 2007 GL1800 with 87,000 km. My question concerns the lighting on the controls; none light up around the ignition switch. Just the top 2 on the cruise control side-the cruise on and off and resume light up. All on the radio console work.On the other side - the high and low beam switch doesn't light up and I think it should, nor does the horn button. On the suspension preload panel the up and down switch and the memo 1 and memo 2 buttons don't light up. The question is, shouldn't these light up , and what has to be done ? Does the whole unit need to be replaced? The techie who looked at the bike had never seen one lit up at night and didn't think these things should light up.
Also, my remote for my trunk lid doesn't work; I put in a new battery. The techie tried to reprogram it and then tried a remote from another bike. He said that any remote could be programmed for any bike. Anyone know if that's true or false? I certainly would appreciate some wisdom on this !
Thanks , Graeme
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I had the same question when I got my 08. You have the same things lighting up as I do except you did not mention the reverse button, mine lights. I don't know why the high/low and the horn button don't light, I guess they think you should know where they are. You can't use the suspension controls when moving so they didn't light those for that reason I assume.
On the remote, yes one from any bike should program to yours. That does not mean anyone with a remote can open your trunk. I will have to see if I can find any info to help you with that. I do know it is critical to push the button between 1 & 4 seconds to get it to program.
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Here is the troubleshooting for the remote trunk locks, after eliminating the transmitter as the problem.
5. Remove the trunk lid inner cover and disconnect
the trunk lock control unit connector from the
trunk lock control unit (page 21-72 of Service
Check for continuity between the Green wire
terminal and ground.
There should be continuity at all times.
• If there is continuity, GO TO STEP 6.
• If there is no continuity, check for an open circuit
in the Green wire between the control
unit and ground terminal.
6. Measure the voltage between the Red/yellow
wire terminal (+) and ground (–).
There should be battery voltage at all times.
• If there is battery voltage, replace the trunk
lock control unit (page 21-72 of Service
• If there is no voltage, check the following:
– blown No. 31 fuse.
– open circuit in the Red/yellow wire between
the control unit and fuse box.
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