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REPOSTED due to 30 day edit limit.
I've found a fewposts elsewhere, mainly from Wexy's post.

I did thisin a "picture list" for you to print and pinup or take on a trip for quick reference.
One never knows IF/when/where you'll breakdown.

For this to be viable source we need your input.
Can alwaysuse more listings for either new or for updating thisinfo.

It's an ALL IN ONE PLACE info for your needed parts at home or on the road emergency's.

What this for? .. .. ..
_ Locations for the best prices and or quality parts.
_ You may add some SHORT NOTESbut limit to 50 letters max please. Otherwise it's too wordy and will not fit.
_ Listing is separated by USA and others for now.It'llbe split off in the future "IF" this catches on.

Can't see the picture below try this on HERE



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.