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looking for 1800

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i am hoping for my insurance settlement any time now. i have been checking craigslist, ebay, several forums, localbike shops, and a general computer search. i know there are many of us "experienced" youngsters that aren't computer wisses, so where else might i look for used wings?
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Keep looking on CL, it's where you'll likely find the best price, compared to any retail shop.

Plus, expand the list of cities you search. Have a year or price range in mind yet?
i go bothe east and west,most are east. looking for 03-07.
Have you been on the GL1800Riders forum? There are usually some bikes on there for sale.
I found this one on Craigslist but I don't have $14500 to spend on a 2006 myself LOL

If I was in the market I'd check out that one myself, if the price is right?
For buying or selling I would go to the fourms first. I sold my Gl 1500 on this fourm. and bought my GL 1800 on the gl1800riders fourm. It was a pleasant experience both times. you also can try
I'm not sure how far you want to travel but KSL always Goldwing. In the past I have seen several in the St George area.

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