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I am not new here, I have had a GL1100 in the past and liked the bike, but sold it to get something newer (K1200LT). I then moved on from it and I am wanting a Goldwing again. I have settled on the GL1500. As much as I liked the 1100, I am looking for something more modern and I like the style of the 1500. I can't afford the 1800.

I know that there were changes over the years, some had reverse, different trim levels, etc. I am wanting to learn as much as I can so I am informed when I go to look at the bikes I find.

Is there a FAQ, or a info section on the 1500? If not here then another site?
Any help in that direction would be great, thanks.

BTW, I have looked at the FAQ section, but don't see anything on the differences in the 1500s
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