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I am looking for the trunk and saddlebag mats for the 1800.
The PO must have sold them on ebay or something.

I am also in the market for that Trunk organizer that mounts to the trunk lid. My trunk now looks like a drunk ladies purse.

I am sorely disappointed in the size of the 1800 Trunk and Saddlebags.
I knew they were smaller than the 1500 But they are way smaller.

I carry a backpack for work with laptop and various papers and my lunch.
On the 1500 I set it upright in the truck and close it fine.
On the 1800 I have to lay it down flat and then squish it in there.
The 1800 trunk is wider but there is no shelf to attach those cool cubby shelf separators too. I will have to measure it up and whip something up in the sheet metal department.

And there is no way you can put even a 3/4 helmet in the saddlebags.
I got a half helmet in there now in case I get a lady that wants a ride. (Gotta be prepared you know.)

I do have the soft luggage from one of my 1500's that I planned on using for the 1800. But I may have to unload them. Not that I ever used them anyway.

Let me know what you have, I would as soon give money to friends as some company.

And HEY! Is that Cycle Max the same company that was Cyclemax Ohio?

C Ya

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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