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1800 stuff

Hey Mohawk, I agree with you about the storage capacity of the 1800. It really sucks. In fact I don't really like anything about the 1800 much except the way it handles. It may be for sale this fall. I'm going back to the 1500. As Far as the organizers go I don't use them. I just like to stuff all the goofy sized items into what ever space they fit into. I do have a set of top box and side box bags if you are interested. Here is something I posted in the for sale forum awhile back........ send me a pm if interested otherwise I may not find this post again for awhile.

I set of Luggage bags. The fancy ones with the Gold wing condor embroidered on the sides and the brown leather like scuff protectors on the corners. Brand new, never used. They sell for 195.00 dollars and wingstuff has then for 169.00 dollars. I would like to get 125.00 dollars for these. Check them out at Here is what they say : HO08L56MCA101: Abrasion resistant #1680 denier ballistic nylon construction with faux leather trim. Embroidered with the Gold Wing icon and logo, external buttoned pocket, provides maximum saddlebag and trunk volume utilization. Approx. 150 liter total capacity.

I am looking for the trunk and saddlebag mats for the 1800.
The PO must have sold them on ebay or something.

I am also in the market for that Trunk organizer that mounts to the trunk lid. My trunk now looks like a drunk ladies purse.

I am sorely disappointed in the size of the 1800 Trunk and Saddlebags.
I knew they were smaller than the 1500 But they are way smaller.

I carry a backpack for work with laptop and various papers and my lunch.
On the 1500 I set it upright in the truck and close it fine.
On the 1800 I have to lay it down flat and then squish it in there.
The 1800 trunk is wider but there is no shelf to attach those cool cubby shelf separators too. I will have to measure it up and whip something up in the sheet metal department.

And there is no way you can put even a 3/4 helmet in the saddlebags.
I got a half helmet in there now in case I get a lady that wants a ride. (Gotta be prepared you know.)

I do have the soft luggage from one of my 1500's that I planned on using for the 1800. But I may have to unload them. Not that I ever used them anyway.

Let me know what you have, I would as soon give money to friends as some company.

And HEY! Is that Cycle Max the same company that was Cyclemax Ohio?

C Ya

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