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What a pain to watch her go. The lights were deeming and after a few hour there she was dead in top of a tall tree.

For Christmas my wife bought me an inexpensive drone. It took me a short while to learn how to fly it. A pure joy. At night i flew it at high speeds and very low altitude just over our heads. Beautiful blinking lights. The battery charge was short, about 10 minutes and I was charging it while watching the video taken.
In the first day I got it stuck in a tree and I freed it with a long aluminum flag pole.
I got more and more confident at flying and enjoyed every minute of it. Then I tried to impress my wife and I took it up high over the house and around it.
The wind was a bit too strong and I had it flying at low speed ( it had 3 speed blade rotation) it start drifting a bit too close to a tall tree. I should have engaged the high speed but I panicked. It went in the tallest branch and it got stuck in neighbors tree. Thru the evening it blinked steadily as in "help me".
In the AM it was totally dead. I felt as I lost a friend. If it was my tree I would have climbed up or cut a branch. This was a inexpensive drone ($40.00) and there was not any way to rescue it that made financial sense.I watched a few you tube videos and they show how to rescue it but I cannot be in my neighbors yard all day long..
After two days of mourning and my wifes approval I start looking for a new drone. This time I went for a more expensive one with substantially longer flying times ,more capabilities and features. It has a RTH (return to home ) in case it loses signal. It will return where it was launched from. Also it streams live video to my phone.
I will fly it in a more open area with no trees or tall obstacles. I hope to not repeat the previous experience.
I alway wanted to be an amateur pilot but life got in the way. Now in someway I have a chance.
I will post a few video and pics here after Im comfortable in flying it

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I have a whole forest of tall trees on the south side of the house, that is verboten to fly back there. I went out front where we have about 2 acres of clear grass that we keep mowed nice and trim. Had to pick my time of day, too windy here in OkieLand most of the time.
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