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Maine on the 4th

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Making last preparations for a 9 day trip to the North East.
NEW tires check
grease the trailer check
change the oil and filter check
rear dif oil change check

Pack trailer
Program GPS

Arcadia National Park here we come !!
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Welcome to the greatest website.

Welcome in advance to our old state.

Lots to see and do between here and there.
you may want to take a look how rich people get thru the summer

and welcome to the best site on the NET

watch out for moose and Fog
Just after you cross the causeway onto Acadia there is a KOA campground on the right. There was a fellow there doing lobster dinners that was the best I ever had. That was a couple of years ago so he might not be there any more but if I were going back to the area I would be sure to check if he was there.

Welcome to the greatest site on the web.
the wife and I went there for a week and a half last aug. stayed at the bay meadow cottages, road the park road everyday seen about 4 lighthouses walked bar harbor every night and had very delicious food rained only once for half a day lots to see and do the lobster boat ride was fun need any info I'll try and help have fun!
we're headed that way via the Adirondacks the first week of Aug. Staying in Maine at Moosehead Lake. First time up that way so looking forward to it. Hope to ride up to Baxter one day and stand on the end of the Appalachian trail.
Welcome to the forum. You are headed to beautiful country. What dates are you planning to be there?
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