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Making some final prep...

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Making some final prep for Penny and Dave's excellent adventure. Bought these items...Wingstuff was great for these...good prices-quick ship. They had to break the order up due to stock outtage (the kuryakyn cupholder is just getting out there) - but they got it all in time!!!

Wingstuff half cover - excellent. I had never covered my bike - used it all week this week and I love it. Easy to put on/take off - doesn't take long. And the bike coral I park in us under some very tall trees - was sick of leaves, sap and bird poop all ove including on my seat when I left work in the evening. WOW what a difference - I like this. Metal hooks were concerning at forst but so far no issues - kickstand hook on one side footpeg on the other - holds it secure. Lots of good reinforcements at the stress spots. Don't know about the Wingstuff logo - but at least it is "flag" colored...

Hopnel add-a-pocket double - one with clear window and and a Larger underneath. I re routed my Aux line so it come out where the communications plug does and I can now have my MP3 player where I can reach it. I set it for random - some 1800+songs - but every once in awhile I'm not in the mood for a certain song so in the clear pocket I can just hit skip. I read where a lot of guys had problems with the attachment device - this week I've had no problems. Cellphone, Sunglasses and case and MP3 player. Frees up the dash compartment to charge things using the DC outlet.

Kuryakyn - just released the passeger handgrip cupholder - pricey - but perfect for how my babe likes to ride - without armrests ("they just get in the way of my picturetaking"). Kuryakyn is pricey - but each time I have been VERy happy with their product - they seem to design them well to fit the wing.

compartments still open...

saddlebags clear...

has rubber bumpers to hold waterbottles or coffee cups or whatever...

and IMO looks great too...

Also got the Kuryakyn bag that is made for the trunk rack. It is smaller than I expected - but I think it will work fine for what we'll load it with.
Into the great wide open....:action:
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