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I'm a keyboard geek, and I like to move thru the forum fast.

I don't like to scroll up the page just to find an icon labeled "New Posts".

At the top of any page, hover the mouse over 'New Posts' and right click.
Choose 'Copy Link Location'

Now, open up TOOLS/OPTIONS/GENERAL for Firefox and in the box for HomePage, paste in that link location.

Now, select one of the other categories (this saves the last entry)

You can close that tab out now. You have 2 brand new ways to get to 'New Posts'.

1, you click on the little House at the top of the page... the one in the browser's toolbar.

2, you press ALT-Home on the keyboard at the same time.

either way, up comes "new Posts" on the forum.


Maybe you prefer Internet Explorer:

Hover over New Posts and right click:
choose Copy Shortcut

Open Tools/Internet Options

Make sure the 'General tab' is open.
In the big box labeled Home Page, paste in the link address.
Click on APPLY.

all done, works the same as before. ALT-Home on kybd, or click the house.


Maybe you prefer Chrome:

goto the top right corner of page, click on the 3 dark lines:
In the menu, choose Settings:
in the new window, under "on Startup" click on SET PAGES

Where it says "Add New Pages" paste in the Link Location.

If that is all you want, click OK. If you want more pages, click on Add Pages and make a new home page come up. Me? I want just one Home Page... too many tabs slows the browser down.


Use Opera? you are on your own... sorry.

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Jeff, there was a time that Opera was the only browser of choice for me.
Then somewhere along the line, Mozilla came out with Firefox...

I had long been against Internet Explorer simply because of its' inefficient handling of bookmarks, its' total lack of a good Addons system.

Chrome does a very good job except in the Bookmarks arena, it is the pitts, and therefore, I won't use it for anything except a website that bucks and snorts with firefox. Chrome does one other thing well, they use an internal version of Flash that always works because they don't update the damn thing every 3rd day...

I hate it when Firefox crashes with Flash.... it is because Firefox did an upgrade, and now Flash is behind the 8 ball again........ I have locked Firefox and Flash down and gone for years w/o allowing either one of them to upgrade. and I never experienced those "bad vibes" of being infected by hackers.

I have enough external security running that the browser don't need too much anyway. and it helps if the only two websites you see are this forum and the banks :rofl:
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