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mataince questions 91 1500 interstate

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Hi im going in a few hours to get my first gold wing. It has 50k miles and just woundering what mataince should be done or items that should be checked. I know the radio doesnt work but reading other posts im sure itll be an easy fix. Hope i dont ramble but im a new member and so far this sight is great. Im excited about this bike. My grandfather had 2 with over 200k and his last one befor he passed had 100k so this kinda means more than just my first goldwing you know. Thx for any help.
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Welcome from Oz. If it is being ridden then hopefully you don't have any of the stale fuel issues.
Sat for a year but has been ridden a few times this month. Said tire needs replaced, has a rippled look and wobble at highway speed
Welcome nick-b :waving:

Firstly find out what written records the owner may have for work that has been done. One of the main things that most here will advise is if the timing belts haven't been changed, then given the age of the bike, you probably should do those. Prevention is better than cure and a broken belt is terminal for the engine, so you wouldn't want that to happen.
If the tyres are old, get them changed out, and of course all fluids should be changed if no record of being done recently.
Check the wear on the brake pads too, it is always good if the bike will stop!! :shock:
Apply copper slip to any bolts that you end up removing, as it will make your life so much easier in the future.
I am sure others will jump in with more advise, but that will get you started.
Enjoy that bike for all the memories that it will give you of your grandfather.

This area has been addressed quite a few times, so you might peruse some similar threads.
But, as stated, if it is a fluid it should probably be flushed/replaced (easy and cheap).
If tires are getting old (passed the 5 year or so mark) consider replacing them for safety sake (a little pricier, but what price life).
Check the brake pads and lube the caliper pins (they can easilly corrode and cause a brake wear issue (cheap and easy, but takes an hour or so).
Consider replacing the timing belts due to age (cheap and easy but takes a couple hours).
If it has a compressor on board check the dessicant and dry if needed (free and easy).
Check air filter, replace cruise and sub filters (cheap and easy).
Excluding tires, all the above will come in around $100 is all (oil/filter about $20, belts about $20 each, cruise/air filters about $1 if made from a foam paint brush or similar, a bottle of DOT4 fluid $5, plugs if you do them $15, gear oil $8, gallon of coolant $10, grease for flange splines about $10 (or the shop can slop it on there when you get the tire.)). All the work can be done in one good day of effort, maybe two if you relax some or are new to stuff. Remove the wheels and drop them at the shop for tires while you do the rest of the work. In exchange you have addressed most of the common issues that will crop up.
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Thanks all but i guess i had my hopes to high. He didnt list all the stuff that was bad. Its sad to say but if he comes down to 500 thats the only way id be able to get cause its sad how bad this bike has been treated. When i sat on it he stated it has brakes when sitting still but youll have to use gears cause itll take you a few blocks to stop if you relay on brakes. The main body infront of the seat was cracked from the windsheild to the side pannel. There was so many more problems that it wasnt safe to ride. ty again ill find the right bike eventualy :)
Don't despair, as one door closes another will open and you will eventually find the right deal at the right price.
You could do worse than looking in the for sale forum here and seeing if there is anything that takes your fancy.
Sounds like you walked away from a whole heap of work there with that one.

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