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Maxum 4 20w50 motor oil ?

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I needed to change to oil in my 86 1200 and it just so happened that a local motorcycle dealer is quitting business and has everything 40% off. I got this oil because of the triple digit temps in western oklahoma during the summer. Has anyone ever used orknow anything about this oil ? Hope I didn't waste my money.
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If it's MC oil or Not Energy Conserving oil, use it!

Im going to try a 20W50 in mine for the summer.
It's the motorcycle specific. Changed the oil and bike seems slightly quieter and a little smoother shifting.
In colder temps 20/50 can cause issues with the starter(in my 1100). Even here in Vegas I had to switch back to 10w40 because the starter had some trouble engaging at start up. After the 10w40 was back in no trouble starting.

If it "Maxima" with an "a" on the end it is fine. Good stuff. I use their coolant. I have never used anything but 20w50 in a motorcycle before, but this is AZ. It's 118 degrees here right now. I highly recommend heavier oils in older engines with some wear. They have a lot more load bearing ability than the thinner stuff, and help fill in the worn clearances better. It acts as a "cushion" between moving parts, which is why the engine runs quieter.
here in south east ga . i use castrol gtx 20/50 year round.
You can use the oil with confidence.
I have used 20-50 synthetic for motorcycles for the last 2 years .. No problem .. Would not use it in winter riding were I live ..but summer time .. All is right
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