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Newfiewinger wrote:
I found what I think was 2 small shards of metal during my regular oil change. Bothwere about the size of a smallgrain of sand, very small. Is this a serious problem?The bike purrs like a well oiled kitten.
Grant, you didn't give us the bike model you found the metal in.

In any case weather or not it's a problem depends on what type of metal it is.

If it's steel it probably isn't a problem as it could have easily come from the trans gear dogs. Every time a trans is shifted there is a slight chance of chipping a small amount of metal from the engagement dogs. If the metal is babbit or aluminum then it could be a problem but it could also have been in the engine from new & just washed out now.

It it were my bike that themetal came from I would carefully drain the oil filter, then cut it open, then see what the filter element filtered out. If the filter element is free of metal particles then you probably don't have a problem.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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