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"Rocky" thanks for being a part of this board and for staying in touch with us!

I feel as if i knew "Michelle", if I have the right to do that?

As much as she loved you and the kids she is happy to be where she's at right now and knows that because of your "Faith" in Christ that one day you will join her!

It's an awesome thought that her "Heart' continues to beat in a persons body in AZ!

He or She is now a member of your family and very grateful to say the least!

I lost my Father,2 uncles and Grandfather all were killed at different times, my father was murdered whenI was 28! That's as close as I can come to relating to your situation plus my 3 best friends who I lost in front of me in "Nam"!

Your kids are looking to you for emotional support, so stay strong for them!

As you know there may be a "Ripple Effect" in the next few months with them, so be gentle as they come to grips with this!

We're here for you Bro, just let us know if you need us!

Stay off the bike until your head clears up!

Love ya Brother, Pete "the Greek"
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
Not open for further replies.