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Mirrors on a GL1500 done

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It took me about 4 hours to figure how to take apart GL1500 mirrors apart to be able to install Arrows for turn signals on the back side of the glass. Its not as bad as I thought. Here is the picture of them on. Next set I will try something different with turn signals and on the left will be the volt gauge and on the right will be the outside air temp on the inside edges. Any and all feed back is welcome. These are going on Larry's Trike I'm fixing up. By the way total cost is about $10.00 to this job.


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Yes do tell how you pulled them apart and did it.
I likey the sequential ones! Do you have a link to those?
What kind of glue have you used

is it plastic or ABS how to find out ?

You just need to use silicone for this project.
It should be fine if you let it set up a few days before uprighting it.
Just ordered (from two different vendors) a set of chevron mirror LED lights. Cheap. Both less than $4 ea including shipping! Hope to mount in my 2000 GL1500SE.
I'm hopeful the procedure shown elsewhere in this subject link will guide me; but, I'm wondering if the procedure is for a later 2001 or newer GW model? Can anyone clearify? Thanks, Sarge
The original post, #1, page1, is for the 1500s like your 2000.
Might be. I have the regular Muth mirrors and had them on my 99SE too, they are fine. Will the sequential be a problem, I have no idea.
1 - 6 of 72 Posts
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