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We are looking for some place to go for a trip this summer wondering about Branson and surrounding area. So we are looking for any ideas.:?
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We found Branson to be not friendly to motorcycles. Traffic is horrendous and unless you know how to get around town on the back routes, it is a scary place to ride. My advice - if going to Branson, take the cage....paul
Eureka Springs Arkansas. Look at the NASSIR 5 posts and the Wild Rhino stuff.
Its not necessarily what in Eureka Springs, and the downtown area is fun to look around and shop at..But the local ride roads around there are amazing, check out the Pig Trail and others, most motels are very biker friendly including motel 62 where nassir5 was. You cant go wrong in that area..
The wine country southwest of St. Louis along Hwy94 is a great ride. Missouri River, watering hole in Augusta. Another neat place is along the Current River in South Central Mo. Just bought my Wing last week so we might see you in the opposite lanes. Btw, Branson would be a "no go" for me too, too busy and too many aged drivers.
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Eureka Springs Arkansas. Look at the NASSIR 5 posts and the Wild Rhino stuff.

I would agree!! Even doing the back roads, Branson can be somewhat challenging. I make several trips each year to pick up things for the wife.

I really enjoy the ride there and back, but Branson is just no fun. TO MUCH TRAFFIC!
Thanks for the ideas we will check them out:)
This is a link to a thread I started here:

You should also try searching the forum as good threads come and go pretty fast. But search on content, not just title, as many thread titles are meaningless.
I'll second that motion on ES...Almost every business that we seen has signs in their windows stating "We're Biker Friendly".....Had a great time there and things willing I might try the Kanwings Labor day M&G this year....
From St Louie to Kansas City south is good riding. Everything you want . I love Branson ,Springfield,RockawayBeach, all the small towns around there, down into Arkansas.Like they all said ES is a great place to ride ans Motel 62 is the best.
I rode too Branson once, it was not fun,because of the reasons given. Ark has a lot of nice roads and I believe to be a hidden gem.
Eureka Springs is a great place and very bike friendly
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