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modifing a gl1200 stock radio for input and output

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Has anyone seen where you can mod a stock radio to have a 3.5 input and 3.5 output on the radio.

Of corse the input would be so I could have mp3, but I would also like the output to run to our autocomm riderlink to have the stereo through our helmets:action:

I'm not electical guru so I would have to source it out to the proper place if I could just find one :)

the stereo is on my project 84 aspy and it doesn't have a cb but the radio rocks:D

Thanks Everyone for your ideas and suggestions in advance:action:

Ride safe, Ray:waving:
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Hi Ray,

Some here have mentioned some sort of adapter for the tape deck. Is that what you are refering to, but with output as well?
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Sorta Dennis ;)Kinda like they do with the 1500 radio with the aux plug but would like an out plug to boot:cool:hardwired to the board somewhere:baffled:maybe I'm just dreaming but that's what I'd like:D

Ride Safe, Ray:waving:
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Someone with the knowledge and a schematic can make sound do anything you ask. If you can afford what they ask.
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So, let me get this straight.....You want to be able to listen to
your radio through your headsets and be able to switch to
your mp3 player at any given moment. Correct?

You're also telling me you don't have an integrated intercom system
in your radio with the 5 or 8 pin headset plugs. Correct?

I'm not familiar with the Motocom, I believe it is call, but it is likely
the headset could plug directly in to the mp3 player. If not an adapter
could be built.

The radio would have to be removed and opened up in order to find
the point on the circuit board where the pre-amp connects to the power
amp. Once that point is located, one could make a simple matching
circuit to make an AUX send to send the pre-amp audio from that point
to your headsets.

You could bring both the radio audio and mp3 audio together at a
switch in order to switch between the sources then on to your headsets.

Could be done.

Am I close to what you have and want?
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Yes there is a modification. i couldn't find the link on my bookmarks. you should try a search.

for a very old radio that is still alive, i would suggest you not to risk it and go for an inline fm modulator.
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I would use the cassette adapter or the inline FM modulator for input from the MP3 player. If you want a head phone jack out I believe that Sierra has and adapter that plugs into the intercom connection that includes a female 3.5mm plug for headphones
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Output is no problem.. you can do it from the amp output to the speakers..

Best example I could find that explains it is HERE (to avoid my writing a book) with diagram below.. be sure to read warnings, though.. I doubt that the radio has separate floating grounds for the speakers, but if it does, you'd have to use some isolation transformers before the switch..


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I have an FM Modulator made by Monster and sold at Radio Shack for $59.95. It works great! I am not sure it is in Stereo, but it seems to be. The FM radio picks the signal up great! (no bleed over). and even if I did find a station strong enough to override the Modulator, you can set three push button frequencies and each of those three are adjustable across the whole spectrum.

Two thumbs up and it was easy to mount in either of the front dash glove boxes.

I have the J&M Headsets in my helmets and I can not tell the difference in Cassettes, Radio, or MP3
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