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Hey all, I have had a nolan n 100 for probably 15 years or so, this helmet has been incredible and taken me many miles down the road and has been my main full face modular other than a half helmet and a few other full face that I rarely wear. I figured I better protect my head and get a new helmet. I am lost on what type of Modular to get and who to order from. Has anyone ordered from Chromeburner? I don't know if it's better to order a helmet from a company in the US or Europe, as Chromeburner seems to have some good deals with free shipping if you meet the price point. The only part you pay after that is customs charges that I was told are 10-20 percent of your order.

I have been watching and reading to many reviews. I am looking at the Nolan N 100 5 Plus and can save a few hundred dollars ordering outside of the U.S.
I am looking at:


Schuberth C5 looks to be an incredible helmet.

HJC i90

Shoei: Don't wanna pay 800 just for the helmet so that excludes Shoei.

Klim: TK1200: I dig the helmet shield transitioning for you automatically. However, I do like to ride a bit with my chinbar up and would think I would want a helmet that has the internal sun visor. What Klim has is spectacular and would be awesome, I just think maybe not due to not having an internal sun visor to use when you shield is up.

Any suggestions or what you like and companies that have had good service would be great. Also, ordering from Motocard or Chromeburner again I can save a few hundred dollars.


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