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i can't remember wearing anything but a HJC in a modular helmet.
the Shoei helmet will fit a long oval head better than a rounder head. The HJC will fit a rounder head better. When you put it on, feel if it touches the sides of your head. If you can feel space on the sides of your head with your helmet on, you may need a helmet that fits a longer oval head.
All that said, I can't pay the price of a Shoei, just to get the longer oval shape, so I still use the HJC.

To an earlier post; Why would you buy a modular helmet and then ride with the chin bar up? Have you ever seen the aftermath of a rider who hit the pavement face down, wearing 3/4 helmet? your chin and nose are exposed to the pavement and it doesn't take much top grind your chin down to almost nothing. Not a pretty sight. Protect your face. Put the chinbar down, for your own protection.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts