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Momma Liked it!!!!!!!

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I ordered a name in lights plate from Engraver. Got it today in mail and put on the 1500 I took Momma out after dark and turned the lights on . She was impressed she said it added a little of her to the bike. LOL
Engraver did a great job and the fit was perfect. What do you all think

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thats cool I want one. where did you have it done?
thats cool I want one. where did you have it done?
I got it from

I ordered it on sat and got it in mail today they are in Florida
How much and can you post a link?

I just used the as stated and I got a page advertising GoDaddy domains for $7.99 LOL
Looks good. My wifes name is too long for that though. Would wrap around the bike to get us both on there.
I found this site in Florida......

He's a goldwing person.

Here appears to be the name plate. Name in Lights

From his site....""
Name In Lights. This is available for the GL1500 and GL1200 only. Put this engraved plate over the lower running light between the left and right saddle bags. The red light shows through illuminating your name or saying. You may use up to 19 engraved characters.

We now have the capability of inserting different icon characters and doing 2 lines. Please contact us for more details. Certain trailers also have flat lighted areas that will allow for a name in lights. Specific measurements of the lighted area are needed to engrave your plate."
ThAt is the place i got it from thanks hanko for posting link
The price was 13.95 and 3.75 shipping i think
The total was less than 20 bucks
No problem, we all help each other out here!

Nice...but why do you want to tell the whole world your name...:ssshh:
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