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My 1992 Wing had a Show Chrome Mudflap. It showed sign of wear so I looked for an up grade. I really wanted to use a Kuryakyn style and I found one that might work.
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When I tried to mount it on the stock Wing I found the flap to be too wide to fit between the exhaust tips. Kuryakyn intended this mudflap to work with the triple pipe extensions. I didn't want to change my stock exhaust tips so I made my own and it looks like this.
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This is a complete part. The top is 1/4" alum and mounts to the studs that are used to attach the spreader bar between the rear of the saddle bag frame.

The alum extends below the bags and frame. The black part of the mudflap is 1/4" thick truck mudflap scrap, mostly rubber with rope material embedded on the rubber.

The chrome looking background is acrylic mirror ~ 1/8" thick.
The LED lights are from e bay, ~$10.00 for 10 of them.

After installation I found that the stock exhaust tips dumped directly onto the part of the mudflap that extended under the pipes.

I tried making a bracket to go forward and back but there was no success.
So I let it be a little longer and when I put it on the Wing I found that the bottom and corners would easily drag on the ground.

So I cut off the ears and relocated the lights and ended up with my idea of a loud mudflap.

The blue light have been in my parts drawer for ~10 yrs so this is the place to use them. All the parts are scrap except for the lights.

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I used the aluminum hanger and shortened up the flap ~ 1.5" and took off the ears. This winter I'll polish a piece of SS to replace the mirror. I wish you could see it at night, pictures don't do it justice.
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