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I was born in Denver Colo. to a young couple from the Northport area of Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama.
After a kindergarten education in Colo. I arrived in Tuscaloosa Co . in time to ride a schoolbus 10 plus very country miles to school.
A motorcycle was a very uncommon sight ,but there was one very common character in my life, I saw him about every other day , he was Shipwreck,,,,, he was a county employee at the local water source, Lake Nichol, Shipwreck basically picked up the garbadge and locked and unlocked the gate leading down the steep grade leading to the lakes boat ramp precisely at dusk and dawn. A caretaker.
He was a bachelor , living alone ,isolated after dark to the majesty and majic of the lake nichol compound.
No boats, no fisherman , no college kids ,no drunks ,no speedboats, just quiet, and lots more of it.
Just fish jumping ,deer passing , hawks hunting and cougers and whipoorwills calling,
Now one of the most notable things about Shipwreck was that he rode a Honda 50 . A blackone.
He had a pudding basin helmet and wore no other riding accoutrements, just a windbreaker , slacks and deck shoes.
He would ride in the dangdest weather , it don't snow here often but I would see him at my grandfathers country store on ther worst of days.
If but not 15 folks showed up at the store all day in bad weather at least you would see Shipwreck!
He would come by just to warm up.
But I remember seeing him coming back from town , stuff hanging all over that bike !!!!! Going back to the lake.
Everyone I knew felt sorry for old shipwreck but I always thought he had it pretty good.:action:
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