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My latest creation, c'mon It's got to be unique?

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Took it off the bike because it made more noise creaking around over bumps in the road than it did entertaining me, couldn't even hear it when I wore a helmet, so I made this out of it, new radio 80wpc, new speakers 125wpc, it cranks all the way up with no distortion at all and a USB port to boot, total cost $50, cheaper and more interesting than any other ghetto blaster out there.
So on a scale of 1-10, wadaya think?


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That probably adds a lot of extra weight to the fairing. :ROFL:

Actually, your idea gives me a solution to putting a radio on a boat that is used at a historical park that I volunteer at. We don't want a permanent install, so this should do the trick.
Thats neat it looks lie it will take up a lot less space in the garage than a normal stereo and work just as well
I think I am going to steal your idea and use it for my next garage Stereo, the one I have now is terrible, but I could scrounge the parts easy up for that, and it would sound much better, and mount just about anywhere. Thanks Chilidawg !
I like it, very neat. But by now the Chinese lurkers have seen your idea and are working on copying it. Walmarts will be selling it for $19.95 next year. ;)
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