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Napa timing belts.

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After eight years I thought it was time for a change so I called Napa.
I gave the parts girl the part number and she said it fits a Toyota XXXX.
When I said they were for my Goldwing she came back with "also fits a Honda GL1200".

The price was $15 each which with shipping is better than I can do online.

Two thumbs up to Napa.:claps:
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Yup- same belt, several applications. Gotta love that. I am still waiting for a car/bike to come out with all wing-nuts.
Ken, why would you not tell the toyota vehicle it fits? I 'm sure fella's might like to know...
Ken, why would you not tell the toyota vehicle it fits? I 'm sure fella's might like to know...
Perhaps because I don't own that model of Toyota so it went in one ear and out the other?:ROFL::ROFL:
it went in one ear and out the other?
Nothing to stop it?:raspberry:
Nothing to stop it?:raspberry:
Actually it's my personal spam filter.
Anything relevant gets captured in that wet grey stuff between my ears, everything else gets forwarded.
Do you wish to be added to my forward list?:raspberry:
Just for grins and giggles I checked and the Toyota Tercel 4 Cyl. 1.5L engine uses the same timing belt as the Honda GL1200.

Unless you're looking for an old Toyota to use your discarded GL1200 timing belts on I have no idea how this information is of any use.:raspberry::ROFL:
For the benefit of someone that might search this thread, looking for useful information, I submit this post:

GL1000 & GL1100
NAPA - #250274

NAPA - #250070

NAPA - #250275
thanks rgbeard :claps:

do you need to buy a set of them? In the videos I've seen, it looks like there are two belts in there, which would make sense if there are two camshafts.
Yes there are two belts. The NAPA part numbers are each, not a pair.
Ok Ok now that's what I'm talking about...Information Highway...Ken You are the man...ha ha Awesomeness.
I see a correlation with the numbers given:
NAPA - #250275

Gates-#T 275 (

I suspect Gates makes the NAPA belts as well as the Honda Brand.
Gates and NAPA are equally priced, Honda is making a killing off us.
One of the points I was making which didn't seem to come across is that if you're buying belts at NAPA you don't need a part number, just the model of your Goldwing.

I'm not sure if the NAPA/Gates are the same as Honda belts as they seem stiffer but I can't be sure until I do the job.
If anyone has a Honda belt from a GL1200 could they measure the belt thickness between the cogs? The NAPA belts are 2.2mm.
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