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Bike was being cranky and no starty? Bad Bike. You should feed it a gallon of diesel fuel for that trick!

Glad you made it home safe and sound, especially after the deer incident. We stopped in Torrington WY on the way home, same place we stopped on way up to Custer for fuel, but wind was so blowy that Deb was scared to death. Prolly 60mph cross gusts! Blew my glasses off my face into the weeds, and tried to take my helmet, too! Tried to blow Deb off the bike. We got about 8 miles out of town and Deb made me turn around and go back to Torrington. We sat there another 30 mins waiting for the wind to die down a little. Got wet in Cheyenne, and again reaching outskirts of Denver.

Those are some really nice pictures! :)
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161 - 164 of 164 Posts