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After a week to reflect on NASR12. I have a few thoughts that might help out future Hosts. I don't know if somebody could build a data base with this & future NASR comments.

Things that went well:
Having a fire ring: A great place for members to congregate at the end of the day.

Have a great re pore with the motel: Terri was extremely accommodating. Anything I asked for was available. Any problems was promptly dealt with.

Shirt order. When I got the invoice, I just paid it. If I would have looked at the shirt count, I would have known right away that they used the sample order form I send in 2 week earlier rather then the real order form I sent in at the deadline. That ones on Me.

Things that I was looking to do but didn't draw any interest.
Slow poke or a crawl race.

If anybody has anything that I'm not aware of, Please add to the list. It can only help out future hosts.

All-in-all, I thought that NASR 12 went fairly smoothly.
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