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To all Forum members attending NASSIR 5 or even thinking about it!

I have been swamped with PM's today after Steve's announcement on the Forum concerning the question ifwe are even going to have NASSIR 5 and the Auction. :?

Steve and I have talked about this and we are both in agreement........NASSIR will always continue no matter who owns the Forum if that is what the members here choose to do. This is the way it has always been and shouldn't change now.

The NASSIR event is about forum members meeting each other in person and enhancing their experience on the forum by actually knowing the member who is actually posting on a thread. :thumbsup:

I personally plan on attending NASSIR events for years to come! :congrats:

Now about the auction. Yes, in the past we have used this as a fundraiser to help support the operating costs of this forum because without it, we wouldn't have a forum. We obviously now do not need to raise money for operating costs as of Steve's announcement. As host of NASSIR 5, I feel it is my duty and obligation to determine if we are going to have the auction at this event andassist the members to determine what to do with the proceeds. With that said,We need to continue this tradition! I have ideas already but will share them at the auction.

I would request for everyone who contributes, participates, and attends the NASSIR auction help make this decision. This money is raised by all of us so I feel it is only fair for us to determine where the money goes and is a lot of fun and a lot of laughs (at the expense of $11.30)! :claps:

Please bring your ideas to the NASSIR 5 auction as we will discuss this before the auction begins. Vote at that time on a plan of action and move on with the fun!

Please continue your planning and bring your auction items to NASSIR 5 as we (Rhinos) have been working on getting a lot of great items for auction besides all the awesome items the members bring from their home state or home country! :shock:

This will be the first time in NASSIR history that we couldhave the possibility to have all the staff (wingnut, wexy, MDKramer, AZgl1500, redbaron, and Flyone) together for a NASSIR event and hopefully,you can make it too!

Who knows if history will ever repeat itself again. :readit::?

You can still get a room at Motel 62 for $49.00 per night as of now, still order event shirts until June 15th and order meals until July 1st! Go to http://www.nassir-news.comfor details.

Of course, if you have any questions.......Please PM me and I will respond as always.

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