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NASSIR 6 Attendance

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Anyone who has booked a hotel or campground, please PM me with the details so I can get you added to the list. Also, please let me know if you are attending under other circumstances ie. you live locally and will be attending from home.

Attending NASSIR 6

Goldwings 4 ever and Shadows 4 ever - Hotel
D-Rod and Button Lady
Halfling and Mrs. Halfling- Hotel
Flyone - Hotel
Beaver Bill and Bill's Girls - Hotel
LorneG and Judy - Hotel
Neoracer - Hotel
Nobbie and Mrs. Nobbie- Hotel
Viking - Camping
Tricky and Mrs. Tricky - Local
Goldwinger1984 - Local
Goldwinger and Mrs. Goldwinger- Hotel
Galaxyhunter - Camping
1060dsl - Local
OnaWingandaPrayer and The Mrs. - Hotel
DougW and Mrs. - Camping
Wilkoi and Wife - Hotel
Saws-n-wings and Debbie - Camping
English Bob and Caramelcat - Hotel
Mechtech1 and Mrs. - Hotel
45/70fan and 22.5/35fan - Local
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I don't want to officially speak for Dusty but I was with him in Tellico Plains TN this past weekend and he and Winger are headed out west during that time frame this year, although he did mention the possibility of stopping in to NASSIR 6 on Wednesday if he can work it in.

I personally haven't seen a lot of people talking about the event so far. There is some activity but not a lot. Have we published a schedule of events yet or a suggested ride list? I may be missing it...don't we have a NASSIR webpage that is available to us for posting the event details?
There is an itinerary thread posted with info on some food and some planned rides.
Thanks Bob, I must have missed it!!!
Our NASSIR 6 route: will be leaving Murfresboro, TN on Saturday morning heading due north. Moteling it somewhere around Terre Haute, IN. Then Sunday we are going on to Caledonia, MI where we will stay the night with some friends from the GL1800Riders forum. Monday we will make the final ride into Canada crossing the border at Port Huron and on to Simcoe. Each of the 3 legs is just about 300 miles so we should have a nice, un hurried ride and anything above Indianapolis will be new territory for us! We'll be pulling our trailer and flying the traditional yellow ribbon (or two)! Anyone's route or timing similar???

The route home is still "under construction" but will be more easterly I'm sure.
Excellent advice Nobbie! I will take it all with gratitude!!!

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Had to sand down, patch and spray paint (from a can) the top of my trailer this weekend due to some de-lamination. Came out pretty good for a quick repair (I used truck bed liner). I also manufactured and installed a special mounting bracket on the trailer tongue that allows me to use the same ice chest rack on the trailer as well as the bike (when not towing trailer). Also put new flags on the flag pole on the rear of the trailer and most importantly, the yellow ribbons are installed on both the trailer and the bike!

Next week it's an oil change and a new tire on the front and we will be ready to roll IF the wife get's her darn passport in time!!!!
She doesn't need a passport to get into Canada, just to get back into the USA.
If they don't let her back in we can teach her to talk with a funny accent and our government will put her up in a nice hotel with full benefits.
Wait! If she's from Tennassee she probably already has a funny accent.
On a more serious note, could she come in without her passport if it's only a few days late in arriving and have it forwarded by courier to the hotel or other local address?
Actually, she has a pretty pronounced MAINE accent and it can be real funny at times!

I suspect we will get her passport in time for the trip, they almost had it done but wanted another piece of documentation which we sent last week. They aknowledged receipt and the file is labeled with a July 12th departure date. We will call them again later this week to follow up but I believe we will be fine. BUT, until we have it in hand anything is possible!!!
Our trip is in serious jeopardy, Nancy has yet to get her passport and we are getting the typical government run around. This crap sucks! In my utter frustration I could boar you with sensless details that would amaze you but I'll spare you the drama.
John, you don't need a passport to get into Canada. As long as you can prove citizenship when re-entering the US. If she has a picture ID and a birth certificate you can get here and get back.
Thanks Bob but the State Department requires that you send in the original birth certificate when you apply for a passport (which we did and we only had one) and they don't send it back until the passport is issued. Catch 22 it would seem. There are additional complications with Nancy's delayed birth certificate that have also had an impact on this entire process. It's a long story best told over a bottle of beer! Freaking nightmare! What we have for a birth certificate had been sufficient for over 35 years for everything from our marriage in 1971 and my top secret clearance in 1977 but for some reason it wasn't good enough for the State Department to issue a passport (they wanted "more" documentation from the state of Maine). We got off the phone with them a bit ago and they said if we would kindly give them an extra $72.80 they would see what they could do about getting it to us this week. Typical government situation, have to grease the skids with cash to get anything done...
Still no passport and only one more day to watch the mailbox before we leave on Saturday morning. If it doesn't come tomorrow then I guess we will have to change our plans. We will still go to visit friends in Caledonia MI on Sunday but rather than leaving there for Simcoe we may have to come up with other U.S. locations to visit. It ain't over yet but time is extremely short...I guess that puts us on the "tentative" list. What a bummer! :sadguy:
OK everyone, the fat lady has sung and we are officially being held captive by the U.S. government. No passport and no trip to NASSIR 6 for us. Nancy wanted me to go alone but I can't bring myself to do that. Nancy sat out last year due to her hip replacement and I really want to take her on a nice trip or two this year. So, here I sit trying to plan a great 9 day vacation with no specific destination in mind other than it's got to go through Warsaw IN. This really sucks and you wouldn't believe how high my blood pressure got during several calls with the State Dept today. I have nothing good to say about the exchanges.
John, is there no chance it will be there on Monday? I wonder if you could stop at the US side of the border and get a return certificate of some sort so you could go ahead with the trip.

Not even a remote chance of Monday, it's going to take us months to prove that my wife of 42 years, my high school sweetheart, who was a ward of the state because her parents were too freaking drunk to give her a name at birth (hospital paperwork says "Baby Girl Tripp") or even take care of their kids is indeed a U.S. Citizen. Wonder if that means she can stop paying taxes!
They want us to provide additional records (more than we have already) like census polls from back in the 50s (not sure what that proves), school records, affidavits from family back in the 50s, and whatever else we can come up with. Keep in mind that we had this done back in 1977 when the Navy processed me for a Top Secret clearance and we have a delayed birth certificate from the state of Maine that outlines everything that they reviewed back in 1977 to make the correlation between Baby Girl Tripp and my wife. They told me 4 weeks ago that this was enough, today they say that must not have been an authorized person telling us that and that they needed all the documentation (I guess they don't believe the good folks in Maine). To say I'm livid would be a huge understatement! I also asked them about her crossing the boarder without a passport and they told us point blank, don't try it.
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P.S. Just cancelled my room reservations so if anyone needs a room it's available.
Hard to find the humor in this situation right now but maybe I will some day. Your post did put a smile on my face at the dinner table tho!!! You want to know the really really stupid thing? All of this effort does absolutely nothing to prove that my Nancy is the person that all of this documentation is pointed at. It just proves that there was a person of that name in existence during the time frame and location given. It is beyond belief. I am making a copy of the entire package and sending it to my state rep and congressman just to see if I can get a response or acknowledgement of how absurd this truly is!!
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