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NASSIR 6 Attendance

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Anyone who has booked a hotel or campground, please PM me with the details so I can get you added to the list. Also, please let me know if you are attending under other circumstances ie. you live locally and will be attending from home.

Attending NASSIR 6

Goldwings 4 ever and Shadows 4 ever - Hotel
D-Rod and Button Lady
Halfling and Mrs. Halfling- Hotel
Flyone - Hotel
Beaver Bill and Bill's Girls - Hotel
LorneG and Judy - Hotel
Neoracer - Hotel
Nobbie and Mrs. Nobbie- Hotel
Viking - Camping
Tricky and Mrs. Tricky - Local
Goldwinger1984 - Local
Goldwinger and Mrs. Goldwinger- Hotel
Galaxyhunter - Camping
1060dsl - Local
OnaWingandaPrayer and The Mrs. - Hotel
DougW and Mrs. - Camping
Wilkoi and Wife - Hotel
Saws-n-wings and Debbie - Camping
English Bob and Caramelcat - Hotel
Mechtech1 and Mrs. - Hotel
45/70fan and 22.5/35fan - Local
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My wife will (Yes, she is the wife now) be attending this years Nassir, this is her first one. I am asking that everybody take it easy on her for the first hour or two, don't want to overwhelm her with the insanity that is a NASSIR all at once.... Oh what the hell, new meat is always best when it is surprized. Looking forward to spending some time with all the knuckle draggin reprobate's that I am proud to call my friends.
Ya she has a bit of an accent. I was hoping someone from G.B. was coming so she could talk to them in her own language. But so far looks like nobody from there is coming.:?:?:?
The wife and I should be there about noon. See you all there.
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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