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NASSIR 6 Attendance

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Anyone who has booked a hotel or campground, please PM me with the details so I can get you added to the list. Also, please let me know if you are attending under other circumstances ie. you live locally and will be attending from home.

Attending NASSIR 6

Goldwings 4 ever and Shadows 4 ever - Hotel
D-Rod and Button Lady
Halfling and Mrs. Halfling- Hotel
Flyone - Hotel
Beaver Bill and Bill's Girls - Hotel
LorneG and Judy - Hotel
Neoracer - Hotel
Nobbie and Mrs. Nobbie- Hotel
Viking - Camping
Tricky and Mrs. Tricky - Local
Goldwinger1984 - Local
Goldwinger and Mrs. Goldwinger- Hotel
Galaxyhunter - Camping
1060dsl - Local
OnaWingandaPrayer and The Mrs. - Hotel
DougW and Mrs. - Camping
Wilkoi and Wife - Hotel
Saws-n-wings and Debbie - Camping
English Bob and Caramelcat - Hotel
Mechtech1 and Mrs. - Hotel
45/70fan and 22.5/35fan - Local
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Not sure if my PM went through but we made reservations today at the Little River Inn.
I have no idea what either of you are talking about.:stumped:
That list sure looks short, and only 3 listed as camping.

There HAS to be bunch who are not on there.

A number of members had posted that they were coming but haven't registered. Possibly their situations have changed but it makes it hard for the boss (Goldwings4ever) if he doesn't know how many will be on rides or at meals.

I'm sure he would appreciate updates.
I don't want to officially speak for Dusty but I was with him in Tellico Plains TN this past weekend and he and Winger are headed out west during that time frame this year, although he did mention the possibility of stopping in to NASSIR 6 on Wednesday if he can work it in.

I personally haven't seen a lot of people talking about the event so far. There is some activity but not a lot. Have we published a schedule of events yet or a suggested ride list? I may be missing it...don't we have a NASSIR webpage that is available to us for posting the event details?
Each NASSIR will be different and picking one's favourite would be like picking a favourite son or daughter.

N-6 has the handicap of cost which reduces the number of attendees. The reduced number of attendees reduces options of things to do. At Eureka Springs we basically took over Motel 62 and could do just about anything we wanted as long as we didn't break anything. At Simcoe we are only taking a small portion of the hotel so we have to play nice.

Add to that, a number of members posted that they were coming but have not confirmed so Goldwings4ever has to guess about events he may be planning.

I'm not a fan of participating in group rides but I am drafting up some maps for those that are.

If anyone has a special request, something they want to see or do, just mention it and we'll see if we can make it happen. There are trips planned to the Warplane Heritage and Niagara Falls but if someone wants to see the CN Tower, Toronto Islands or any other part of the great white north let us know.
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:sadguy:I will not be able to make it this year as the company I work for has SOLD out :lash: and we have not gotten any word on our vaction time or are retirement plan!!! :wtf::readit: So were in LIMBO. I just have to wait and see what happens, we have a union contract untill Dec. 2015 BUT we don't know if it's going to hold up as were contracted to the AIR FORCE. Time will tell.
It would have been good to see but hopefully we'll meet again elsewhere. I also hope the corporate changes work out in your favour.
Our NASSIR 6 route: will be leaving Murfresboro, TN on Saturday morning heading due north. Moteling it somewhere around Terre Haute, IN. Then Sunday we are going on to Caledonia, MI where we will stay the night with some friends from the GL1800Riders forum. Monday we will make the final ride into Canada crossing the border at Port Huron and on to Simcoe. Each of the 3 legs is just about 300 miles so we should have a nice, un hurried ride and anything above Indianapolis will be new territory for us! We'll be pulling our trailer and flying the traditional yellow ribbon (or two)! Anyone's route or timing similar???

The route home is still "under construction" but will be more easterly I'm sure.
Gas up on the US side as it will be more here and there are no service centres on the 402 from Sarnia to London. You would have to pull off for gas / bio breaks etc. After London there are pit stops on the highway. Guess where the term "Highway robbery" came from?

The 402 and 401 are pretty boring with 402 being less busy. The 401 is a challenge to patience. I think there is a driving school that trains highway terrorists to drive in the wrong lanes at the wrong speeds. Fortunately you only have to go from London to Woodstock and then you turn onto a slightly more sedate 403.

The 100 you see on the speed limit signs is KPH and equals about 60 MPH. 10 or so over never got me in trouble and 120 KPH is common.

Right turns on a red are legal after a full stop unless marked otherwise.

A green light only signifies that the lightbulb works so look both ways.

Ride safe.
IF the wife get's her darn passport in time!!!!
She doesn't need a passport to get into Canada, just to get back into the USA.

If they don't let her back in we can teach her to talk with a funny accent and our government will put her up in a nice hotel with full benefits.

Wait! If she's from Tennassee she probably already has a funny accent.:ROFL:

On a more serious note, could she come in without her passport if it's only a few days late in arriving and have it forwarded by courier to the hotel or other local address?
The thing that irks me the most about dealng with the government is that everyone knows they would go bankrupt in a week if they had competition but they make it sound like they're doing you a favour.:lash::lash::lash:
I don't know what to say. The level of nit picking is insane.
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