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All of the items we have for NASSIR 7 will be available through our new NASSIR 7 Storefront. Some basic instructions are below. Advance purchase is STRONGLY recommended to give us a good idea as to the actual headcount we need to plan for and save some $$$.
There are 6 items currently available;

  • T-shirts, preorder only, we will have a VERY limited amount of sizes available at the event so don't count on getting one then.
  • Coffee Cups, preorder only, we will have a VERY limited amount of cups available at the event so don't count on getting one then.
  • DVDs, will be mailed once they are made after the event
  • 3 evening meal vouchers for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. See the store for details.
Even if you order nothing else, please be sure to order the tickets for the Main Event & Banquet on Thursday evening. This is where we will have a lot of things going on as well as our annual auction. You don't want to miss it.

  • You must be registered in the store, approved and logged in to actually see the prices and to be able to add items to your cart. Once registered you can log in as many times as you want and your cart contents will be remembered.
  • There are 3 ways to pay. PayPal, Check/money order and COD (not preferred but offered anyway).
Some basic instructions:

You can get to the store through the website, by clicking on the "Special Order Items" tab.

This will take you to the NASSIR 7 Store Front where you can either register as a new customer or login as a returning customer. Note: to register select the "log yourself in" hotspot.
This is the same selection you will make to log yourself in when returning.

When registering for the first time please fill out all of the required information and select the submit button in the lower right corner.
******IMPORTANT NOTE*******: I've added in the "Company" field on the form, please put your forum ID there so I can match up forum names to real life names.

I get an email notification of all new registrations and I will promptly review to make sure I know who to heck you are and then "approve" you to be able to see prices and buy items using your shopping cart. The "Approval Pending" on the item will be replaced with your shopping cart.

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