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Natchez trace trip

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we're planning a trip to Baton Rouge in July. My plans so far are to take the slab to Nashville and get on the Natchez trace. coming back I would like to take the Great River Road to Memphis then slab it back home. Should have 4 to 5 days each way. I've been getting a lot of info on the trip but was wondering if anyone had any good sidetrips or could recommend places to eat along the way. after all we do ride to eat!
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Make sure you stop and visit the 2 battlefield sites along the parkway.. I rode most of it last year and it truly is a beautiful ride. If you have time, stop in Vicksburg as well and visit their battlesite.. They have the BattleShip Cairo there and it is amazing to see in person.

Enjoy the trip and let us know what your plans are!
I'm kind of a civil war buff and plan to spend a night in vicksburg. I hope to hit a few battle fields until my wife says enough. havent told her about the side trips yet:ssshh: she gets bored with civil war stuff.

we know its going to be hot but time frame is set. 4th of July family reunion in Baton Rouge
At the north entrance to the Parkway just outside of Nashville is the Loveless Cafe, a great place for breakfast. A few miles south just off the Parkway is a historic community called Leipers Fork. If you're there around lunch, don't miss Puckett's Grocery, a combination grocery, gas stop, and cafe. Great plate lunches and the best burgers and bbq around. Several miles of side roads through scenic horse farm country.
Thanks Voyager 4. I've worked out a tenitive schedule that has us riding the slab to Nashville on day 1. the Loveless is now on my list of stops and Leipers Fork might work out for lunch. day 2 we will be looking for a place to camp around Tupelo, day 3 has us camping around Vicksburg and day 4 heading in to Baton Rouge. I hope to camp but if its to hot or raining my copilot will insist on a hotel:lash:. I havent work out the trip home yet, waiting for my Sister-in-law to plan the reunion to find out how much time I'll have to get home
bking, if you need info on the Tupelo area with places to camp, motels, or to eat, I'll be glad to give you some suggestions. BTW, you can rest assured that July in Mississippi is HOT and HUMID.
that would be great. looking at natchez trace state park camp ground but open to sugestions if you know of anywhere else. any info on motels or places to eat would be appreciated.
the heat could be a problem but not enough to stop the trip. the wife and I spent 4 days in Kentucky and southern Illinois during last years heat wave 95 to 102 the whole trip. took some of the fun out of it but still a good trip. Just need to take more breaks and drink plenty of water. Also stopped at a Sporting goods store and bought thin fishing pants to replace the heavy jeans and a thin light color long sleeved shirt. would have prefered to keep my riding jacket on but there just was no way. I will be looking for a mesh jacket in the future.
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