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Natchez trace trip

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we're planning a trip to Baton Rouge in July. My plans so far are to take the slab to Nashville and get on the Natchez trace. coming back I would like to take the Great River Road to Memphis then slab it back home. Should have 4 to 5 days each way. I've been getting a lot of info on the trip but was wondering if anyone had any good sidetrips or could recommend places to eat along the way. after all we do ride to eat!
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The wife and I made that trip two years ago and really enjoyed the Trace! We stayed at two B&B's, the first at French Camp, then near the end in Natchez at an old Plantation House. There are many side trips of historical value along the way if you have the time... ;-))
Ya but some on you folks up there hate 90F LOL

I gotta laugh when I was visiting a good friend near Kirkland lake ONT. a few years ago. He told the work crew it was too hot to be working and shut down for the day because it was about 90F around NOON LOL
Heck I was just getting warmed up and finally got rid of the chills from the cold night before LOL
My preferred range is seventy five to about ninety degrees personally, but I have rode long distances anywhere between sixty and one hundred five...

I cancelled my ride down to Florida this weekend because of morning temps being around freezing at the time I would be leaving home. Just can't hang with those temps at highway speeds...
I'll settle for a couple of good day rides for the weekend, maybe one today as well... ;-)
On my ride to Left Coast last year, we rode in temps varying from 26 degrees and snowing in Mammoth Lakes, Ca to 104 degrees in Childress, Tx.. Neither one was comfortable but the ride was worth it.
I've done some extremes in the past couple years, (and when I was younger), but last Fall I sold the Wing and bought a Cruiser. I no longer have the same level of protection from the elements... :shock:
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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