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need insite on a possible upgrade

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The local honda powerhouse has a 1995 1500 with all the bells and whistles you can imagine, it has just under 100k on it. its the fully loaded with about every option you can imagine.

my 1100 is doing me just fine but i want a bike with more oomph on the highway/interstate and the 1100 is lacking that

i dont know much about the 1500's other than what i've picked up on here alittle as i go along

is it worth it they are asking 6200 for it a fair price i think its in flawless condition one owner all highway hes gone alll over the country on it it even has the tulsa tall windshield hope i worded that correctly

i just need a little input on it

i know its alot heavier than my 1100 obviously

how is the reliability

the fuel economy

maintainance is the biggest i probably wont do much to this because its so advanced with the electronics than my 1980

is it worth it to go to that i dont think i'll do cross country trips or anything like that

my dad and i keep it short about 200 to 400 mile trips the 1980 gl 1100 interstate modle is fine just alittle poochy on the power but then again im comparing that to his harleys...... no match i guess

i rode the 1500 its got the power but its very heavy and would be alittle trouble around town and with all the road construction almost dangerous if you tried going down some of the bad roads i guess

i appreciate the input


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Alex, most of the questions you are asking only you can answer. Particularly the cost and the weight.
These are pretty reliable beasties but you do lose some mileage pushing 6 pistons around over the 4 you have now.
Power and low end torque is what you really gain along with some better integration of the technologies.
Also you gain an alternator rather than the stator.

I would say if you want a locomotive that will run all day without blinking with the most comfort and room you can get, then the 1500 would be one of the best choices you can make.

Then again I hear from owners that have both and they think the 1100 is the most fun of the two.

I like the locomotive for longer rides but I commute on it in the city with no problems what so ever as well.
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thankds rudy
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I rarely ride my 1500SE into cities. I just do not like traffic.

The 1100 would be better in traffic, the 1500 is a serious touring machine that you can ride ocean-to-ocean and be at home on the Interstates.

If you get a 1500, you may decide to do some serious traveling. :)
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More weight, higher seat, reverse, more power and more plastic.. 1500 is a great long range cruiser and a very stable platform..
From what I read here, fuel consumption is close to the same.. The 1500 will take as much as you can throw at it.. Would be 15 years newer.. If you go for it, I'd make a low ball offer and see what happens.. You have nothing to lose and you can always go up..........
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My 1500 gets mpg in the low 40's, on 87 octane--but I understand that most don't do quite that well. Alternator upgrade over stator is huge, as is ease of replacement. The six cylinder is much smoother than the four--and the four is pretty smooth itself. Folks complain about all the plastic--but the plastic sure makes it easier to wash.
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When I first bought my 1500 I thought it felt a lot heavier at slow speeds. After a while I got used to it, and think nothing of it now.

The price isn't bad, but at least try to get a few hundred bucks off the price.

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i might offer them 5500 or so they said today its been on their lot for almost a year the sales men ride it on test drives when someone tests rides a sale one i appreciate the insite
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Let them know you know about other bikes with lower miles and at better prices and you are willing to wait for those if they don't want to deal on this one.
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Hi peterbilt! you say it has just under 100k on it, I would find out about the timing belts, if the previous owner never changed them, it's due. My 89' gets just over 40 mpg on the road, low 30's around town. Yes, it's fairly heavy, but as soon as it's rolling, it handles fine, and it's nicely quiet. If you can't get them to budge on the price, I would say you are still getting it for a pretty good price as long as it doesn't need $$ to get it road ready. Nice thing is, 1500 or 1100, you got a nice ride.
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