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Need key code for GL1100 tank lid and helmet lock

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My new-to-me '82 GW has no key for the fake tank lid and the helmet lock. Non of the lock smiths in Calgary seem to be interested in old motorcycles. Any ideas how I can get a key to fit these locks?

I put in a new ignition switch so I am good there.

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Remove the false tank from the bike, turn upside down to access the lock to release it. Then remove the lock and there is a code on the back of the cylinder(all the lock cylinders have the code) that a locksmith can cut a new key to.

Also, Does your key go into the lock? Be sure you can see there is no obstruction in the lock, there is a plastic piece in the lock that breaks and will plug the slot slide dust cover from moving out of the way.
Have you put in some lock lubricant? They get dirty, gummed up too.
it might just be simpler to just buy a complete set of locks such as this as compared to having a locksmith key the locks for you
That doesn't have the tank lock or the fairing rt side box lock.'s something you can do and I have several times..take the locks out remove the cylinders. You'll need to buy another locking ring for the tank lock locksmith should have these, the helmet lock will be good to go when you are done.

With the cylinders out..put your ignition key'll see little tabs sticking out..grind them off..until they are flush with the that key will work that lock. Just be careful grind/file slowly. Put the cylinder back in the lock and test as you go when the key moves you are done. I use a grinder but a file is don't want to grind the cylinder or grind through to the slot in the tab.

Also I have lots of spare keys if you send me the code, as described above, on the locks I may have one that will fit?? $5

Also there is a guy on the NGW forum who has keys too!! More than me!!!
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