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Hey everyone thought i would post this to see if you can help my customer, he wrote me and needed help and this was the first place i thought of to help him search. I have included some of the text of our conversation and he gave his permission to contact him on his email.... Hope someone out there can help him find what he needs, im also looking on my own for him...

Our conversation follows....

He wrote:...

Hello, I am looking to buy a Goldwing 1500, but I am having
extreme difficulty finding any for sale in my neck of the
woods. I am even having difficulty searching the web for any
Goldwing groups or associations in my area. Do you know of
anywhere, anything, or anyone in the Edmonton, Alberta area
that you could recommend? Thanks, Ian.

I replied...

Hi Ian, sorry your having challenge on this, yes i can help
but i need to know if i post the request do you want people
to contact you at this email or do you want them to come
thru me first, i value your privacy so i need to know do you
want me to post this email in the request or do you want to
keep it private. Please let me know and ill be
glad to help ya.

He replied...

Thank-you for your consideration for my privacy. However, I would be willing to have people contact me directly at this e-mail address ([email protected])

My search is for a 1994-2000 Goldwing (1500), preferably White or Majenta, and in excellent condition (always stored inside; no asphalt marks).

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA, and am looking for a bike that is geographically close to my city or province.

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