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New addition to the herd

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I bought another addition to the herd today. I got a quick look at it Saturday, but was on my bike. I went back up today with the $350 he was asking for it. I also took some tools to check things out closer. The first thing I found was the engine was locked tight. I just told him to put it back in the shed. He wasn't happy as the last time he messed with it, it turned over fine. He was talking about selling the trunk, fairing, and saddlebags, so I asked him how much. He said $100. I called my brother in law, and he said yes! He dumped his 82 aspencade last year, and destroyed all that. I was about to leave and he offered me the rest for $150. We talked back and forth and I bought the rest for $125. Even if I have to replace the engine, I think I came out ok. Here's a link to all the pics I took when I got it home. It's all shabby looking but all the saddlebags and trunk are solid with no cracks. GoldWing?sort=3&page=1#
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Looks like a good parts bike
Looks like it's got a mixture of '82 and '83 parts on it. What year model does the steering neck say?
It's an 83 according to the neck. If I can't get the engine going, I'll find another engine.
My new water pump for Dads 82 cost $118 plus shipping. So I think you picked up quite a lot of extra parts with the water pump:)
And that last picture shows just how you should tie a Wing onto a trailer!!:claps::claps::)

Lucky find, there must be at least $1000 is parts if all else fails. :waving:
Lots of good parts there.

I would sell parts and use the proceeds to fund a running bike. But either way...
If only a few of those parts are usable you got a great deal. Especially the wheels, final drive, forks, etc.
Good buy! The heck w/ the B I L, it shouldn't be too hard to get running again.
I will most likely try to get it running. It will depend a lot on the condition of the block or how much trouble I have finding a good 1100 engine. I've wanted an 83 for awhile.
Actually, I pulled it a little tight in the rear. The rear shocks are leaking. They were pretty spongy already though. Friday I'll drag it down to the DMV and transfer the title with a black tag(no insurance and not road legal).
Not bad, no serious corrosion. Lousy paint and wiring but those aren't difficult to correct, just lots of elbow grease. I've restored some that weren't anywhere near in as good condition as that bike. If it's intact with all it's parts $350 is a very good buy. It will take time and money but there's a whole lot of satisfaction when the job is done. It's also a great educational process. You'll know a lot about 1100s when you've got her finished.
Don't even think about breaking this great old bike up for parts, it's well worth resurrecting her and becoming a real Goldwing Mensch.
That is that older bike stuff'll make your money back and then some interested to see what's up with the engine ..let us know
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