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New GL1500 timing belts question

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HI ALL....Quick question.
Calling several local a/p stores here in New Hampshire, best price I found for Gates T275 belt, was $18.00 w/no shipping [pick up price]. Guess I can't do any better but thought to ask here first. MANY local a/p stores I called did not even list them! And a NAPA store [much farther away] wanted $35.00 for their 250275.
F.Y.I. Locally available Honda OEM belt: $69.00 each.
TTFN.....papasmurf :)
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I'd be happy if I had a local supplier at $18.00 . My dealer is around 28-30 .
Probably the only place you might get them for less would be but not enough difference to make it worth the wait.
That is a good price. I think on Amazon that is about what I paid (and got free shipping).
I got mine from Amazon also. With the bike being torn down pretty far I was really in no hurry to get the belts. I think you got a good deal on the them.
Papasmurf, I got mine from Amazon in March $30.88 for the two T275 shipped. That was the cheapest I found and they were here in 3-4 days as I remember.
rock auto has them too for about that price..
I got mine on Amazon also, $40 for the pair shipped to Canada. Excellent price! :claps: Installed about a month ago.
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