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New GoldWing Song

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Rolli & The Poor Boys is a Creedence tribute band from Norway who played at the international Goldwing event in Stavanger 2012.
We were encouraged to create our own version of the old Goldwing song. Of course we took the challenge ... and here is the result.
Hope you like it ..

Here is the YouTube link:

Download the song for free at this link in MP3 format and play it loud on your bike this summer ...

Greetings from Norway:cheers:
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Nice one Bullet, a very nice version of the original. :claps:
I like this version better also. I did all the bells and whistles to sign up to and it says the file has been deleted or not available to me.
How do i get the mp3 of this song?

Would love to crank this up when the Harley riders ask if my Wing is even running.
Just download it from Youtube Steve. :waving:
Hi Pete and Steve !

Thanks for the positive response.
Try the link below for MP3 downloading.
MP3 link is now changed in the initial post too. Hope you succeed in downloading.
Have a nice day!

Regards Arild
Didn't know how to do that without a program but Googled it and learned.

To save video type SS after the www. such as hit Enter and then choose "download link"

To save and covert to MP3 go to:
copy and paste video url and press convert video and save to wherever you want

This was really easy and fast. Probably everyone but me knew this a long time ago. LOL

Thanks for putting the link for the MP3. I like yours better because the VOLUME is a little higher.
Now i have to figure out why i couldn't find the MP3 when Searching for it on
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Thanks Arild, I downloaded it as I first listened to and watched it, so I can listen to you blasting out on the bike now!! :claps:
Got it downloaded. Thanks bullet
I liked the original version better..JUst Sayin!
There's a harley song too. Its not as good, cuz the guitars only have two strings.
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