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Hi all. Registered after lurking for several years!

Ride an 82 GL500I Silverwing for the last 6 years. All I really need but...

Want to move up. Looking at 97 GL1500 w/ 40K OR similar yr/ mileage ST1100

Will test ride the GL tomorrow. Haven't sat on an ST. Have sat onthe GL and it's easier to swing a leg over than the Silverwing.

Torn between the large 'wing and the sporty ST.

Oh, ya, I'm 60 going on 45, but wonder if the GW would be a better match in 5 yrs. ST has more sex appeal now.

S.O. would like the back seat of the GW, but is really only up for 200 miles max. Otherwise the the seat would be empty, thus lusting for ST. Plus ST is$1500-2000 less.

What's an old man to do??

Appreciateany help/advice.


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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