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Good day:

New member from Dover, DE.

I'm a returnng rider (last motorcycle was a '84 VT500) trying to decide on what bike to get.

I'm 66. Wife has no interest in motorcycles so I ride solo. Most rides would be local. I have one friend with a '95 Wing and we MIGHT manage to get away for one longer trip a year.

Actually seriously considering a 250cc class machine but can see the appeal of a larger bike. Finances somewhat limited.

My main concerns:feel due to financial considerations I'd be looking at a older model and I'm shall we say "limited" in my mechancal abilities; I know GWs have a good reputation for reliability but am I asking for trouble were I to get an early '80's edition? Also, is it a wasteand possibly harmful to the bike to use it for mostly 10-15 mile trips?

Would welcome any opinions.

Ride safe.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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