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New Member: GL1500 drive spline question

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Hello, this is my first post. I am a long time rider of Kawasaki Concours and Voyager bikes, looking to buy an 89 to early 90's GL1500 to add to the fleet. I do all my own maintenance and work on my bikes and have a question about rear drive splines as it'll be one of the first things I check if I buy one.

I have owned several Kawasaki's that have similar driveshaft spline setups. Kawasaki's drive splines are softer on the wheel side by design to make it a designated sacrificial wear part while the male spline from the final drive case does not wear.

I can see from parts fiche's the GL1500 setup is a little different, but I'm wondering if the same is true for their spline sets? Thanks.
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I think they are the same, from what I have seen the splines in the wheel wear faster.
Thanks for the reply! Seems similar to the Kawasaki's.
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