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Nice looking Wing! Sounds like you've taken care of the two major things, the belts & the carbs.

I too have Corbin Seats for my Wing. When riding solo, I have the Gun Fighter on her. Like Axelwik's, it sets you back about four inches, & down a couple more. And it looks really cool!!:cool:

If you really wanted to you could ride a passenger on it, but I have a Corbin Road Commander for riding two up. It sets me up more like the stock seat would, but still gives me lower back support.

That's one of the nice thing about the gl1000's, you just have to loosen two bolts to swap the seats.:jumper:

If'n you after OEM grafics, Reprodution Decal has a set for each of the first generation (75-77) Wings at

I've sent you a private message about the fork plug.

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