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Wild Rhino - Canadian
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Welcome aboard, and congratulations on your new bike!

Suggested maintenance for a new-used bike of that age and mileage:
-Replace brake fluid
-Replace clutch fluid
-Disassemble and clean clutch slave cylinder
-Replace engine oil and filter
-Grease driveshaft, both ends
-Grease splines on rear hub
-Replace carb air filter
-Replace sub-carb air filter
-Replace cruise filter
-Replace timing belts
-Replace tire valve stems, to all-metal-type
-Replace relays in the box on left side (I'm probably the only one who'd recommend this; they go bad with age)
-Lube switches in handle bar housings
-Check tires for cracking
-Change fuel filter

You can do all the above for about $500 in parts, and I assure you that it will be well spent!
I have a 98A with 50K on the meter, and have done all that and more in the two years that I have had it. Some of these are critical due to age or could cause you serious problems. the sub and cruise filters are foam and will deteriorate and get sucked into places you don't want. The valve stems have a proven record of failure, many here change with every tire or go metal. As for the tires, I would check the date code, if more than 5 or 6 years old, get new. The spline lube with Moly 60 is highly encouraged, no subs on the Moly recommended. The timing belt is a toss up, not very many miles, but time keeps marching on. Belt failure is almost a given for getting a new motor or major repair to the old one.
You will get to know your wing better and it will reward you with many miles of happiness.
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